Moisture Analyser Promotion

A&D moisture analyser scale

Looking for a superb price on a moisture analyser? Until the end of March, Weighing Scales Ltd & Temperature Test are offering an exclusive package for just £1095 plus VAT (RRP £1454 plus VAT).

For the inclusive price quoted, you will receive an A&D moisture analyser scale which will be calibrated by our own engineers. We will also include a temperature calibration certificate and a weighing calibration certificate, both traceable to National Standards…. And as always, when dealing with Temperature Test or our parent company Weighing Scales Ltd, we guarantee to provide the reliable, quality service that we are proud to be known for!

The offered A&D moisture analyser scale features:

  • 51g weight capacity – 0.005g accuracy
  • RS-232C standard interface with WinCT basic software
  • Extremely accurate moisture content determination based on high precision weighing of even small samples – 0.5% (over 1g), 0.1% (over 5g)
  • Moisture content display – 0.1% / 1%
  • Drying temperature – 50°c to 200°c
  • Measurement units – Weight / Wet base / Dry base / Dry content / Ratio
  • High repeatability with SHS (Super Hybrid Sensor) weight sensor
  • Fast, uniform heating with halogen lamp and innovative SRA (Secondary Radiation Assist) technology
  • Memory function – enables up to 5 measurement conditions to be stored and recalled
  • Up to 30 measurement data results can be stored and output at once
  • Five pre-set programs – Standard / Automatic / Quick / Timer / Manual
  • Standard / Quick heating modes
  • Large VFD display – clear and easy-to-see
  • Easy handling of the unit – ergonomically designed pan handle / heater cover wing handle
  • 400w halogen lamp for heating – provides 5000 hours of life & is user replaceable without unit downtime
  • 4 year manufacturer warranty

    Call 01282 615645 or email [email protected] to take advantage of this fabulous deal… Don’t forget, this exclusive offer will end on 31st March 2016