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Inside Out North West Weighing Scales

You cannot imagine how excited team Weighing Scales / Temperature Test are to have been featured on “Inside Out North West” this week (albeit briefly at 2.05 minutes in)!

The program discussed the shortfall of staff in the NHS, the drive to fill these positions and the importance of NHS services….. but the tools of their trade are also imperative and this is where we come in.

Weighing equipment and temperature equipment play a major role in our hardworking NHS staff’s daily routine. From the obvious; general health checks, monitoring fevers, measuring obesity, weighing new born babies and managing hospital climate control; to the non-obvious uses….

  • Did you know that the amount of anesthetic a patient is given in order to be put to be sleep, is determined partly by the weight of that patient? Imagine not being given enough anesthetic and waking up in the middle of an operation!
  • A patient is waiting for a donor transplant to change their life or save it…. The organ must be preserved at the correct temperature to remain viable.
  • Some medicines are created from mixing an amount of powder and fluid…. How many patients could potentially have their lives put at risk by receiving the incorrect dosage?!
  • Hospital laboratories use weighing and temperature control for storing tissue and blood samples…. How important do you think it is to receive a blood transplant or skin graft with the freshest samples possible?!

    Hospitals use scales that patients stands on, bed scales, chair scales, analytical scales, hoist scales plus all manner of temperature & humidity equipment. The given examples show a small proportion of how hospitals utilise them, but all show the level of importance placed on the equipment being accurate. Weighing Scales Ltd and Temperature Test provide the NHS with regular, scheduled maintenance and calibration as well as on-call servicing and repairs. So you know that the next time you see a “Weighing Scales Ltd” or “Temperature Test” calibration sticker attached to a piece of equipment, you can be rest assured that it’s calibrated accurately to National Standards and has received the very best in servicing from one of the market leaders in calibration.

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