HACCP & Food Safety Law

Temperature calibration haccp

Food safety law requires food retailers to manage food safety by implementing HACCP – Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point principles.

The World Health Organisation identifies incorrect temperature control as a KEY Hazard.

There are specific guidelines for temperature control:

• Your fridges should store food at 3 to 5ºC and your freezer should store food at -18ºC or colder
• If food is at any temperature between approximately 4ºC and 60ºC, it is described as being in “the danger zone”. This refers to the temperature band at which harmful bacteria multiply the fastest
• Refrigerating food does not kill bacteria, but it does slow their growth
• Freezing food does not kill bacteria; they are merely dormant
• Most food cooked to a minimum at 65ºC should ensure that bacteria are killed. However there are exceptions: pork and chicken should be cooked to approximately 75ºC (as a core temperature) to ensure that it is safe to eat

Stay safe and on the right side of the law by controlling temperature – For help or advice call 01282-615645.