Temperature Calibration Methods


Chamber V Simulation

On-site calibration of your temperature testing equipment can be performed using two distinct methods: Simulation, which is accurate to +/- 0.3°C, or Chamber, which is accurate to +/-0.1°C. The main difference, aside from the accuracy of the instrumentation, is that simulation only tests the thermometer electronically. The chamber tests the whole system, both the thermometer and the probe. The chamber test involves extracting the probe from the client’s instrument and placing it in a temperature controlled chamber with a fully traceable UKAS calibrated Platinum Resistance Thermometer (PRT). It is very important that the client understands this difference, so that they can make an informed choice on the type of calibration required at their premises, and for determining the accuracy of their manufacturing processes.

Case Study

A manufacturer of specialist coatings for wall coverings, based in Lancashire, asked Weighing Scales Ltd‘s sister company Temperature Test, to perform temperature calibrations on in-process combustion chambers. The manufacturer had previously employed another temperature and calibration provider to test the combustion chambers. The previous company had spent 1.5 hours in total, calibrating the temperature of 13 combustion chambers by method of simulation. We at Temperature Test, spent 11 hours in total, calibrating the same 13 combustion chambers by method of temperature controlled chamber and UKAS certified PRT. Clearly, there is a vast difference in the methodology and the time involved in the temperature testing. This has a direct bearing on how, and what, is being tested. This also has a direct impact on the results found on-site.


One probe was found to be -10°C out of tolerance. This would not and could not be picked up when testing by method of simulation. Imagine what this discrepancy could do to your production process though, never mind your heating bills!

The client’s choice – Chamber and PRT test

The client commented that Temperature Test had performed a very thorough test and that they had confidence in the readings taken at the location of the probes in the client’s combustion chamber. This would not have been possible with a simulation test.

When you need to decide which method of testing is most appropriate for your temperature or humidity testing equipment, give us a call to benefit from our experience on customer premises. Temperature Test and their parent company Weighing Scales Ltd, have been in business for over 10 years, serving the manufacturing industry, the NHS and universities across the UK. We are ISO 9001:2015 accredited, and we offer free, independent and expert advice. Our customers trust our judgement and we guarantee, you will too.

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