Humidity Test - Comparison Calibration Laboratory – On-site

We bring the test laboratory to your premises - Schedule & prices for hand held instruments

Typical Test points 10% 30% 50% 70% 90% Relative humidity @ ambient temperature

@Ambient Temperature
Price (ex vat)
1 Test Point £45.00
2 Test Points £55.00
3 Test Points £65.00
4 Test Points £75.00
5 Test Points £85.00

Same day Calibration, downtime reduced to a minimum, no carriage fees. Our on-site services save you time and money.

Humidity Test on-site scope of testing service
5% to 95% relative humidity @ ambient temperature

Calibration and Travelling is charged at £ 65 + vat per hour. Travelling time from BB9 0HT (our premises in Lancashire) to your premises.

Types of equipment tested

  • Hand Helds
  • Portables
  • Hygrometers
  • Dew point meters
  • Humidity transmitters
  • Humidity probes
  • Humidity sensors


Temperature Test humidity test equipment is traceable via UKAS certification to national standards. All temperature test equipment is supplied by Michell Instruments, a UKAS accredited company with traceability to NPL. Temperature Test test equipment is UKAS calibrated and certified.

Tolerance for temperaturetest humidity test equipment

+/- 4% Relative Humidity

Uncertainty of measurement

The reported expanded uncertainty is based on a standard uncertainty multiplied by a coverage factor K=2, providing a level of confidence of approximately 95%.

To book at engineer to attend your site, contact Temperature Test on 01282 615645 today