Conductivity Meter Calibration

Conductivity Meter Calibration

  • Temperature Test provide accurate conductivity calibration, for equipment used in industries such as laboratory, chemical, petrochemical, water utilities and paper.
  • We calibrate all types of conductivity equipment, bench top meters and portable/hand held meters.
  • We can calibrate conductivity meters at our in-house laboratory or we can offer the same service on your premises.
  • Prices start at £50 for one conductivity meter calibration. Discounted fees are offered for multiple calibrations.
  • Unrivalled 48hour turnaround offered on all of our in-house services.
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  • Temperature Test calibrate your conductivity meters using NIST traceable conductivity calibration solutions, ensuring your conductivity equipment is accurate.
  • We provide a calibration certificate traceable via NIST to national standards keeping your auditors happy.
  • What does conductivity measure and how is conductivity measured?

    Conductivity meters measure the ability of a solution to conduct an electrical current. The ions in a solution allow the solution to be conductive, and the higher the number of ions, the higher the conductivity.
    Conductivity is measured by placing 2 electrodes at a fixed distance apart and applying an alternating current to the electrodes and measuring the resistance from the electrons flowing from one electrode to the other.
    These results are determined by placing the sensor in an accurate known conductivity solution, at a controlled temperature.

    What unit is conductivity measured in?

    Conductivity is measured in S/cm (siemens per centimetre)
    mS/cm (thousandths of a siemen per centimetre)
    µS/cm (millionths of a siemen per centimetre)

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