pH Meter Calibration

pH Meter Calibration

  • Temperature Test provide accurate pH calibration for equipment across industries such as; food production, laboratory, chemical manufacturing, pharmaceutical, water utilities and fish farming.
  • We calibrate all types of pH equipment, bench top meters & portable/hand held meters.
  • We can calibrate pH meters at our in-house laboratory or we can offer the same service on your premises.
  • Prices start at £45 for one pH meter calibration. Discounted fees are offered for multiple calibrations.
  • Unrivalled 48hour turnaround offered on all of our in-house services.
  • pH Scale


  • Temperature Test calibrate your pH meters using NIST traceable pH calibration solutions, ensuring your pH equipment is accurate.
  • We provide a calibration certificate traceable via NIST to national standards keeping your auditors happy.
  • Why calibrate your pH meter

    To ensure your pH equipment is working properly and accurately, it is important to calibrate your pH meter on a regular basis. Generally pH electrodes have a short working life, dependent on the frequency of use, and can cause unstable and inaccurate readings.

    Guaranteed, excellent quality service at competitive rates.
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