Industrial Comparison Calibration Laboratory In-House

Schedule & Prices

- Hot Range Test points: 0°C | 10°C | 35°C | 70°C | 140°C

Hot Range Price (ex vat)
1 Test Point £45.00
3 Test Points £65.00
4 Test Points £75.00
5 Test Points £85.00

- Cool Range Test points: -20°C | -10°C | 0°C | 10°C | 35°C

Cool Range Price (ex vat)
1 Test Point £45.00
3 Test Points £65.00
4 Test Points £75.00
5 Test Points £85.00

Express Carriage £15 +vat per parcel with insurance to £1000. Next day service before 12. Extra test points £45 +vat each.

48 hour turnaround guaranteed.

Multiple Test Discount Structure

Pieces Discount (%)
5+ Pieces 5% Discount
10+ Pieces 10% Discount
20+ Pieces 20% Discount

Temperature Test laboratory scope of testing service

-35°C to +650°C

Types of equipment tested

  • Digital thermometer with probe
  • PRT probe
  • Glass thermometer
  • Dry block calibrators
  • Water baths
  • Temperature calibration / simulators
  • Temperature data logger
  • Infra Red Thermometer (-35°C to +140°C)


Temperaturetest test equipment is traceable via UKAS certification to national standards. All temperature test equipment is supplied by Isothermal Technology Ltd (Isotech) a primary level UKAS accredited company with traceability to NPL and NIST. TemperatureTest test equipment is UKAS calibrated and certified.

Tolerance for temperaturetest test equipment

+/- 0.06 °C

Uncertainty of measurement

The reported expanded uncertainty is based on a standard uncertainty multiplied by a coverage factor K=2, providing a level of confidence of approximately 95%.

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