Industrial Comparison Calibration Laboratory - On-site

Schedule & Prices

Hand held/portable customer test equipment

- Typical Hot Range Test points: 0°C | 10°C | 35°C | 70°C | 140°C

Hot Range Price (ex vat)
1 Test Point £45.00
3 Test Points £65.00
4 Test Points £75.00
5 Test Points £85.00

Extra test points £45 +vat each.

- Typical Cool Range Test points: -20°C | -10°C | 0°C | 10°C | 35°C

Cool Range Price (ex vat)
1 Test Point £45.00
3 Test Points £65.00
4 Test Points £75.00
5 Test Points £85.00

Extra test points £45 +vat each.

Travelling time from BB9 0HT to and from our test laboratory in Lancashire to your premises is charged at £ 65 + VAT per hour.

Customer Equipment Tested

Hot range – Ovens, furnaces, water baths.

Cool range – Fridges, freezers, chillers, vans

Temperature Test laboratory scope of testing service

-35°C to +650°C

Types of hand held/portable equipment tested

  • Digital thermometer with probe
  • PRT probe
  • Glass thermometer
  • Dry block calibrators
  • Water baths
  • Temperature calibration / simulators
  • Temperature data logger
  • Thermograph
  • Infra Red Thermometer (-35°C to +140°C) scope


Temperaturetest test equipment is traceable via UKAS certification to national standards. All temperature test equipment is supplied by Isothermal Technology Ltd (Isotech) a primary level UKAS accredited company with traceability to NPL and NIST. TemperatureTest test equipment is UKAS calibrated and certified.

Tolerance for temperaturetest test equipment

+/- 0.06 °C

Uncertainty of measurement

The reported expanded uncertainty is based on a standard uncertainty multiplied by a coverage factor K=2, providing a level of confidence of approximately 95%.

Same day Calibration, downtime reduced to a minimum, no carriage fees. Our on-site services save you time and money.

Our customer, a supplier of speciality puddings and desserts, needs a fast turnaround on the calibration of Thermapens. The Thermapen is used in the production process to ensure that their award winning fare is manufactured to Grade A BRC standards. The production plant operates to tight production schedules and cannot afford the temperature testing equipment to be away from site. Our engineer, Lindsay, is scheduled to attend their site to perform calibration at 2 test points. The customer has 35 thermapens to calibrate but as they are in constant use, the thermometers have to be rotated. Lindsay knows that she will be very busy fitting around the production schedule of our customer. What Lindsay does not know is that, that morning we have a snow storm that brings the traffic around Pendle Hill to a standstill. Lindsay is not fazed by this slight delay to our normal punctual service, and completes the calibration on our customer’s premises in good time. The temperature testing results are fed back to the office for speedy typing and the customer receives copies of the traceable calibration certificates the next working day.

A great result with a happy customer and satisfied engineer at the end of the day.

Call us today on 01282 615645 to book our engineer to attend your premises.