Temperature Test Ltd supply weights from 0.01mg to 20kg

  • Stainless Steel, Classes E1, E2, F1, F2
  • Brass, Classes M1, M2 and Trade Stamped
  • Iron Bar and hexagonal Classes M1, M2 and Trade Stamped
  • Slotted Weights in Iron & Brass
  • Block Weights 100kg – 1000kg
  • Imperial Weights

OIML Weight Sets in Boxes

  • In Classes E2, F1 and M1
  • 1mg-200g for analytical testing
  • 1g-2kg Class F1 and M1 for laboratory testing

Weight Calibration service either In-house or On your site. Traceable to national standards our weight certification service will keep your auditors happy. Go to Weight Calibration page.

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